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Various fields of study in computer science

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·Aug 4, 2022·

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Big congrats if you're considering a career in computer science! Computer science is a fantastic choice for job security, a wide range of employment prospects, and an exciting, constantly evolving career, with job growth predicted to be 13% over the next ten years and wages ranging from $80,000 to $115,000 (read more here). Because there are so many subfields of computer science, we've compiled a list of the best ones here.

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Artificial Intelligence

The easiest way to describe artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is to design computers to reason and predict like humans can. AI includes everything from machine learning to speech recognition, so it's not only for robots. Using artificial intelligence (AI), computers can find patterns whether they are being watched over by people or not. This area of computer science aims to develop intelligent devices that can assist us in obtaining what we require without the need for lengthy programming by human hands.

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Human Computer Interaction

HCI, short for "human computer interaction," is the study of how people interact with computers and the best ways to make that interaction better. This area of computer science joins forces with disciplines like Human Behavior, Psychology, and Design to produce an intriguing examination of how people use computers.

Information Security

Information security (IS), also known as cybersecurity, addresses the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data (sometimes referred to as CIA) and nearly invariably involves electronic data. Some people employ the Parkerian hexad, which includes the addition of the three concepts of possession, authenticity, and utility. It describes the procedures developed and put in place to safeguard any kind of private, sensitive, and confidential data against illegal use, access, modification, or interruption.

Software Engineering Building, creating, and engineering computer programmes and other systems are all parts of software engineering. Software engineers create software, learn and work with computer code, manage computer systems, and oversee the development of various software applications. Software testing, programming languages, and architecture are all possible study topics.

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Database Administration

Data is the main focus of database administration! The two pillars of database administration are data storage and organisation, and it is crucial for database administrators to maintain internal data functionality as well as deal with data availability and security. Additionally, data reports, performance optimization, backup and recovery, and even database creation may be part of this subject. The financial, technological, and healthcare sectors are those where database administration is most frequently required.

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